Inspirational Therapy Cards

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Part of my own healing journey was writing messages in the sand and photographing them. Then I’d sit on the beach and write insights about the word that I’d chosen.  I never intended to do anything with the pictures. But now I want to share them with you.  I want to turn my many scars into stars and do my part to bring a little more light into this world. I hope these sand writings will be as healing and inspirational to you as they were for me ~ Gal

Contains: 65 Chromatic High-Quality Cards
Dimensions: 9cms X 13cms
Includes: Mesh Carry-Bag & Wooden Display Block
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1 review for Inspirational Therapy Cards

  1. Tziona Achishena

    I use these cards in my work as a hospital chaplain, and medical musician. They are universally loved and powerfully effective for bringing a moment of focus and attention for the patients. In one case we were visiting a couple, just moments after he had received a terrible diagnosis. Even in such a situation I felt comfortable bringing out these cards, which provide positive and meaningful points of self understanding and support. Personally, I use the cards daily for self reflection and as a daily meditation.

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